NetPay Solutions Group Wins Best Use of Technology

NetPay Solutions Group wins Best Use of Technology at the Solent Business Awards

The category recognised new technological and innovative ideas, championing the role that such ideas contribute to making businesses successful.

NetPay’s disruptive influence in the finance industry is making the business commercially successful, enabling expansion, increasing headcount and as a result contributing to the regional economy.


Carl Churchill, Managing Director of NetPay said,

“We are overjoyed to win this award as it provides formal recognition of the hard work and dedication that all our team puts into making NetPay so successful and the impact we are having on our customers business. We are incredibly proud of the talented team that makes our technology award winning and so widely recognised as the industry leading solution.”

NetPay’s ethos is to help businesses increase efficiency using leading technology and offer better overall value, whilst delivering unbeatable customer service. Customers of NetPay have the added benefit of access to the award-winning Revolution platform providing merchants with transaction management information and consumer intelligence.

Nicole Churchill, Director of NetPay said,

“Gyles Brandreth the host of the awards ceremony compared successful businesses to being “leaves on a tree”, those that stay attached to the branch grow, the tree grows in strength and more leaves form. It was a perfect analogy of the NetPay business that is strong because of the team that builds and supports our technology. This award is a great recognition of our efforts to build technology that makes a difference to our customers, encouraging more widespread adoption of card payments and supporting businesses to manage the cost of trade.”