NetPay Merchant Services and The Retail Data Partnership Join Forces

NetPay Merchant Services and The Retail Data Partnership (TRDP) has today announced their collaboration to bring enhanced merchant services and Electronic Point of Sales (EPoS) solutions to the convenience store sector across the UK.

TRDP supports retailers throughout the UK by offering easy to set up and use EPoS systems which are now integrated with NetPay’s leading “NPIntegrate” integrated payment solutions – bringing together two great capabilities as part of one solution.

Craig Peterson, Product Manager at NetPay said,

“TRDP’s solution is extensively used in the convenience store sector where the increasing consumer conversion from cash to card is driving more widespread adoption and a focus on the importance of implementing the right solution. The integrated capability of our two businesses is more than just about card payments, it is also about empowering our customers through great consolidated reporting. The intuitive reporting features that TRDP’s ShopMate solution offers, combined with our award-winning Revolution platform, will give customers insight that they would not typically see as part of these services. The ability to see sales growth, trend analysis and monitor aspects such as repeat customers provides a powerful capability for customers to run their businesses more effectively”.

Brian Eagle-Brown from TRDP said,

“Providing our Customers with market leading solutions that work seamlessly is a critical part of our service. The NetPay service combining card acceptance integrated into ShopMate, together with speed of processing, enhanced security features and detailed reporting provides our Customers with just such a solution”.

The combination of TRDP’s EPoS and NetPay’s card processing capability is already available to TRDP customers after a successful pilot.

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