About NetPay

NetPay Merchant Services is an award-winning provider of face to face and online payment services and part of the NetPay Solutions Group. The business delivers innovation beyond the transaction through its unique, proprietary technology.

The NetPay Revolution platform provides transaction reporting and insights to support customers making informed financial decisions about their business, including identifying trading patterns when more stock or staff may be needed.  Access to Revolution is provided free to NetPay Merchant Service merchants.

In addition to Revolution, online payments and the more usual leasing system of card payment machines in the UK, NetPay also provides a short term rental solution, which is popular with businesses that experience peaks in demand or those that take part in events, such as markets, where they need to take payments away from their usual premises. 

    • Our directly managed customer base processes more than £64 every second and upwards of 2.5 million transactions per month.
    • Our technology is responsible for delivering payment services to 7000 businesses per month, that’s a new customer every 1.4 minutes. On average, those 7000 customers will go on to process an aggregate of £925 million per year across 28 million transactions. That equates to £6 billion of sales revenue and approaching 200 million transactions per year.
    • On a monthly basis the NetPay technology assists 30% of businesses choosing to get payments for the first time or switching from their existing provider.
    24 x 7 UK Based Technical Support

    Technical support, there whenever you need it, all day every day from our UK based offices. On the phone, on email and on live chat.

    Reporting, Analytics and Insight

    Award winning transaction reporting and analytics provided as part of NetPay’s services as standard. Supporting our customers to make informed decisions about their business.


    NetPay’s technology is responsible for boarding more merchants in the UK than any other business. Supported by a skilled, experienced, customer focused team.

    Connect with one of our Card Payment Experts: 0333 311 0200